Sr. Does

 ~BNB~ Wild Rose

ABGA #10696029

98% Purebred Doeling 

DOB 6/11/15

Sire: Capriole’s The Machine ABGA#10564727

Dam: aAprina Acres One Hot Kitty Kat ABGA#1057436

Rosie has just grown into a beautiful doe and we are so pleased with the triplet doelings she gave us in 2017! She had no problems with her birth and she raised them wonderfully. She is being bred to Wilton Boer Goat Ranch Epic’s Fire for Spring 2020 kids.

~BNB~ One Hot Sugar Baby

ABGA #10664469

98% Purebred Doeling

DOB: 03/22/14

Sire: Love’nm Sugar With A Bit Of Change ABGA#10556954

Dam: aAprina Acres One Hot Kitty Kat ABGA#10574363

We are so proud of Sugar. She is such a lovely doe and we are really looking forward to seeing her continue to grow and blossom. She has already given us two stunning babies in 2016 and we are looking forward to her kids in Spring of 2020. She is being bred to Tuckerneutt’s Shadow Hammer.



 ~aAprina Acres~ One Hot Kitty Kat

ABGA# 10574363

Purebred Doe 97%

Date of Birth: 03/31/12

Sire: FNHR Cat-Tastic ABGA #10528822

Dam: Beki Red Barn Boer’s Chloe ABGA #10470220