The Mascots

We have two loving and very spoiled wethers on our farm. They have a permanent home here and can live out their days in peace and serenity. We thought they deserved their own page for there are no two more prized wethers in the whole world to us.


Chance has always been one of those goats that just is not normal. I am positive he thinks he’s a dog! He’s almost seven years old and loves to roll on his back and get his tummy scratched. He’s a short tubby guy that just wants love. He’s a baby and makes a big deal out of anything bad that happens to him. He is very smart, however, and has learned a few tricks including how to shake.


Nibbles was the first goat to enter our lives and the one that made us fall in love with the Boer goat breed. He is eight years old and a big boy weighing in at  230 pounds. He is a gentle giant, however, and loves to simply stand next to you, enjoying your company. He is a loner and will often be off by himself somewhere while the rest of the herd is out in the pasture.